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הילד הזה נחטף בישראל בחודש יולי 2008


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Solal is a Belgian child kidnapped in Israel since 2008, in an ultra-orthodox Jewish community. His family and friends in Belgium mobilize to find him.



Solal Georis was kidnapped at the age of 9 years by ultra-Orthodox Jewish (Haredim), in the south of Israel, near the city of Ofakim. This integrist community has ramifications throughout the world. The child is missing and wanted by Interpol, Belgian and Israeli policies.
Solal, a Belgian child, was first abducted by his mother, Ronite Bitton, in December 2005. The child was found a year later in Israel, in a Jewish ultra-orthodoxhes community (Haredim). The Israeli Supreme Court ordered the return of the child Solal Belgium in 2008. But his mother abandoned him in this Haredim community, in a desert town called Ofakim. Solal is sequestered by those people in an unknown location.

Solal should live in Belgium, with his father, onthe basis of a decision of the Court of Appeal of Brussels. A decision upheld by the Israeli courts. But since five years, the child is kidnapped by religious fundamentalists.
This abduction is a criminal act. Many civil judgments decided in Belgium, in France and in Israel between 2005 and 2008 decided that the child had to return in Belgium. In France, Ronite Bitton was sentenced to one year in prison for non-compliance must guard (TGI of Nanterre, 2 February 2009, Case 0602010195, Public Prosecutor against RB). Israel, Ms. Bitton was also convicted of kidnapping by the Israeli Supreme Court in February 2013.
But these judgments are ignored by Haredim. These religious fundamentalists ignore democratic jurisdictions. And they do not recognize the right of a child to grow up with a parent who would not be converted to their extremist community. Today, after many years, Solal is absent, a private life with his family. An absence that weighs every day.
This story is far from being the only one where a child is removed because one parent is not ultra-Orthodox. This was already the case in the case Yarden (1986), where the two children of a mother Belgian Patsy Heymans, were kidnapped by religious fundamentalists in the United States, the Satmars. It is also the history of French Miguel Manrique, whose two son were abducted in Israel in 2009 for the same reasons. Other similar cases are known in Israel, a country where religious movement that seeks to impose its law.
The drama of every day a child and his family could now be solved if more research active were implemented.
Today, this is not the case.







Child Focus has launched a campaign
Solal to find Solal ...



Solal was kidnapped in July 2008 at the age of 9. The poster campaign Solal as it might be today.






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